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Things Leslie has said throughout the series

From Leslie Perks and the Dungeon of Dreknon

* "Oh please, they can't make beans taste like boogie."
* "Stupid essay for stupid Snape."
* "Without magic, I felt so empty. It's strangeÖit's almost as though Professor McGonagall knew that."
* "You know this library like the back of your hand, Hermione."
* "I'm not going to wait around for one of my best friends to die! You guys are all I have left in the world now! I'm not about to lose my friend too!"
* "No, I never remember what Hermione tells me."

From Leslie Perks and the Venom of Trog

* "Er, actually, itís Muggle, Mrs. Granger."
* "I guess there is still quite a bit Iíve got to learn about the wizarding world."
* "A flying car? Youíre joking right."
* "If I had my wand, Malfoy..."
* "Oh Whizbees! Well, I guess I have to work on my landings."
* "I am not a freak!"
* "I donít think sheíll give me any special treatment just because Iím family. Grandmother or not, this is McGonagall weíre talking about."
* "Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Malfoy?"
* "Professor Wizzer-what?"
* "Donít you think Wood is a bit overenthusiastic about Quidditch?
* "Whizbees, Harry, in case you didnít notice, I let a whole lot of goals get past me. Thatís not exactly measuring up to Quidditch player of the year."
* "If we really were in any kind of danger, Dumbledore would have us sent home immediately."
* "Trust me, Mrs. Granger. Iíve learned my lesson about doing magic outside of Hogwarts."
* "The last time I checked, itís still against the law to kill somebody."
* "Ouch, youíre stepping on my foot Hermione!"
* "I guess that was a stroke of good luck for me."
* "You disgusting wart!"
From Leslie Perks and the Isle of the Black Fog