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What We Know About This Character

* Penelope Eurore went to Hogwarts when she was a girl, sorted into Gryffindor house. She was an exceptionally talented witch.

* While she was at Hogwarts, she came across an old bracelet lying in the hallways. Thinking nothing of it, she kept it close all the time.

* After leaving Hogwarts, she married and had two children, Minerva and Herbert. Before Penelope died when Minerva was about 25 years old, she passed along the bracelet. Because Penelope had held it so dear for many years, a piece of herself was kept inside the bracelet. The bracelet now holds the inscription:

* When trouble comes and all seems lost

Help will rise up from the dust

* This bracelet was passed down to Leslie Perks, who in her first year, finds herself in a dire circumstance. Thanks to her great grandmother's spirit, the bracelet is able to help her escape danger.