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Benjamin and Minerva McGonagall. She was their only child.

* From the time Mary was a child, she so desperately wished she could be a witch like her mother, anticipating the day she would be able to go to Hogwarts. But as she grew nearer to 11 years old, the magic never showed itself, so when she was 11 years old, no letter to Hogwarts came.

* Throughout her adolescent years, she resented her father for being a Muggle, passing along the non-magic to her. She began to hate her mother too, for being what she always wanted to become (a witch). She ran away when she was 16 years old. She never went to her father's funeral.

* Mary married George and soon after, had their only child, Leslie. Mary and George forbade Minerva from visiting their house, so Leslie never met her grandmother until she herself went to Hogwarts. Mary distanced herself from Leslie, afraid she would inherit what she never could, the ability to become a witch.

Mary Perks died when Leslie was in her first year at Hogwarts.



What We Know About This Character

* Mary Perks was born to