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Full Name: Leslie Ann Perks

Sex: Female

Birthday: August 31

Siblings: None

Parents: George and Mary Perks (deceased)

Hair Colour: Brown (often in pigtails

Eye Colour: Brown

House: Gryffindor

Best Friend: Hermione Granger (with Harry and Ron as close seconds)

Her Boggart: Leslie's greatest fear is losing magic, and the life she now has, so the Boggart forms itself into Leslie's dead parents, (who have been against magic from before Leslie was born), demanding Leslie hand over her wand and come home.

Favourite Food: Ice cream

Favourite Sport: Quidditch

Favourite Spell: Periculum (Sending up red sparks, like fireworks)

Favourite Subject in School: Charms

Favourite Professor: Professor Wizengamut (besides her own grandmother, McGonagall, of course

Bad Habits: Says "Whizbees" when she gets frustrated.

Broom: Nimbus 2000

Pets: Orange cat, Jinxie

Year In School: 3