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Harry Potter's parents died when he was a year old, dead by Lord Voldemort himself, who tried to kill Harry as well, failing because of the mark his mother left upon him by sacrificing herself for him. Harry grows up with his aunt and uncle, learning he is a wizard when he turns 11 years old.
He is off to Hogwarts, and meets Leslie along the way. The two of them discover they have a great deal in common, having both lost their parents, having both been introduced to the wizarding world only when they turned 11 and both having an extreme liking toward Quidditch.


Ron Weasley has always grown up under wizards and wtiches and is pure-blooded. He belongs to a family with 5 brothers and 1 sister. He is the second youngest of the family, but the youngest boy. The Weasley's are not the richest family in the world, but they are happy.
Ron meets both Harry and Leslie on the train to Hogwarts during their first year. Ron and Leslie do get along, but at first, Leslie is jealous of Ron's magical history and Ron can't understand how Leslie knows so little about the wizarding world. Still, the two get along quite well.


Hermione Granger is the only child of her parents, who are Muggle dentists. Still, Hermione has always known she was a witch, and learned about Hogwarts early on in life, awaiting her letter anxiously, studying everything she could about magic before arriving at the school.
Hermione and Leslie meet on the train to Hogwarts for their first year and Leslie is immediately captivated by Hermione's skill in magic. The two become best friends in no time, as Ron and Harry became best friends. Leslie shares everything with Hermione, adn spends the summers with her family in London, being accepted into the family like a second daughter. Hermione is like the sister Leslie never had.


Tenille Smythe is a Hufflepuff student who is quiet and reserved, with no real friends until she meets Leslie. She doesn't do very well in school and is teased constantly by the Slytherins especially.
Tenille meets Leslie during their second year Defence Against the Dark Arts class, and the two become friends immediately. Unfortunately, the Imperius Curse is placed on Tenille for most of the year, causing Leslie to be friends with someone who is not really Tenille. Fortunately, Leslie discovers the truth and helps Tenille back to normal, and as Leslie questions whether their friendship was ever real, she is relieved when Tenille does remember meeting her. They were friends before any of this ever happened.
Tenille now attends Beaubaxtons in France, to leave behind the horror she had experienced at Hogwarts


Christopher Kedavra is a first year Gryffindor student when he meets Leslie. His parents are both dead, killed in an accident, because the name Kedavra is a cursed name, meaning whoever has the name, will be murdered. Christopher is small for his age and gets teased a lot and retailiates in ways that generally earn him a detention.
Leslie befriends Christopher when she must escort him to his dentention during her second year at Hogwarts. Not long afterward, the Venom of Trog is circulating throughout Hogsmeade and the Muggle world. When it leaks its way into Hogwarts, Christopher is the first to drink the venom and dies the next day. It is the first time Leslie loses a friend.