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Leslie Perks was born on August 30th to George and Mary Perks. Her grandmother, Minerva McGonagall, is Mary's mother, whom Leslie didn't meet until her first year at Hogwarts. Minerva was forbidden to see her own granddaughter, as the Perks wanted Leslie to have nothing to do with magic, hoping she would never discover she could become a witch.

Leslie struggled through her childhood with her parents neglect and constant bullying at school. She was surprised when a letter came through her bedroom window, explaining she had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thinking it was some cruel joke, she was surprised when Hagrid (gameskeeper at Hogwarts) came to pick her up and take her to Diagon Alley for her school supplies. Leslie was not at all hesitant to leave her home behind, since her parents never cared for her.

Leslie soon met Harry Potter, and instantly connected with him, having both just discovered their past and their magical abilities. Leslie soon afterward met Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and the four became fast friends.

Leslie's first year at Hogwarts was filled with amazement and wonder, learning more about spells and enchantments, being told she was doing exceedingly above average for a witch who has only discovered her true potential. She had been sorted into Gryffindor with her three friends. Soon her magic began to slip when she was told by Professor Dumbledore that her parents were in a car crash and died.

Plagued by guilt for not missing them, or feeling very sad (since they were never for her), Leslie felt she was unable to perform magic, but with some words of wisdom from Professor McGonagall, she was able to rekindle the magic that had been locked inside.

Soon Hogwarts became unsafe, as students began to mysteriously disappear, and Leslie and her friends took it upon themselves to solve the mystery, before they closed down the school. Thanks to Leslie, Harry and Hermione, they were able to rescue Ron from Lord Voldemort, who was using Professor Quirrel as a means to resurrect himself to full power so he could kill Harry Potter. Leslie was only able to rescue her friends and save the day thanks to a bracelet that her great grandmother left in her possession, with her spirit still inside of it. The bracelet gave her the spell to speak, and Leslie was able to save the day.

Leslie learned the truth about her grandmother during her first year at Hogwarts - that her grandmother was actually Professor McGonagall. Professor McGonagall arranged for Leslie to spend the summers at Hermione's, with her parents.

As Leslie's second year approached, Leslie began to worry when Harry wasn't responding to her letters, and especially grew concerned when he didn't come to her birthday party. Breaking every rule possible, she ventured out on her new broomstick to rescue Harry from the Dursleys, causing a fuss in Professor McGonagall, that remained for the rest of the year.

Leslie befriends Tenille Smythe, a 2nd year Hufflepuff who ended up under the Imperius Curse by Lucius Malfoy, to sneak the Venom of Trog into random drinks around Hogsmeade, as a symbol of dedication to Lord Voldemort. Because of this, Leslie lost a friend, Christopher Kedavra, and watched an innocent Muggle woman die from the Venom. Leslie was able to discover the truth, and Tenille was saved from the Imperius Curse, and forced to go to a new school, to avoid questions and rumors circulating Hogwarts about her now.

Leslie mangages some new enemies this year as well, as Draco Malfoy has teamed up with Gabrielle Sorcer, and Marisa Serpenca, two 2nd-year Slytherins, who are just as rotten as Malfoy himself. Leslie's anger gets the better of her as she and Gabrielle exchange angry words and spells.

Leslie meets her new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor during her second year at Hogwarts - Professor Wizengamut, whom everyone refers to as Professor Wizzie, who is dating Professor Snape.

Leslie is desperate to gain her grandmother's approval again, and is finally able to at the end of the year, when McGonagall sends Leslie on a task Leslie doesn't want to do, but does, and her grandmother is once again, pleased with her.